Out of Hours - Update May 18


Re. Out of Hours - Update May 18

The Block Management Department operating hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5:30pm. This is a reminder to all our block management customers. When considering if any issue is urgent, please consider the below. 

If it’s not urgent, then it should wait until usual office hours resume. This will avoid any unnecessary calls placed with the out of hour’s team, and any unnecessary expense. The issues which we consider to be urgent are as follows:

  • A water leak has occurred requiring urgent attendance to limit the risk of damage. All other avenues have been checked and the leak requires some urgent intervention to limit the damage risk.  
  • A locksmith is required due to restricted access to the block. A temperamental issue may not be considered an emergency, nor loss of your own set of keys.
  • All communal lighting is out including any emergency lighting where applicable. A single light is not considered an emergency.
  • The lift (where applicable and depending on contract type) or any other asset equipment is out of action. Pumps, power generators, main vehicle gates, other electronic operated access etc. Again, some issues may not considered an emergency.
  • Complete water or power cut outs. Subject to checking with the local water or electricity supplier prior to calling, as there may be a fault in the area.

The following blocks are covered by the CJ Delemere out of hours team on is 0203 837 7002. Note.This is strictly for the communal areas [ONLY] This is not anything internal to the flats unless the property is specifically mentioned under the let properties list.


  • 36 Barnard Hill.
  • Handleys Court, Hemel Hempstead & Moorview House, Hemel Hempstead.
  • Tetherdown Hall
  • Twyford Court
  • Long Ridges
  • Birchwood
  • Eversden Court, Hemel Hempstead
  • Fortis Court
  • Woodside Mansions
  • The School House & Aspect House
  • Bramerton, NW6

The following Let properties [Covering all matters internally] are now covered by the CJ Delemere out of hours team on is 0203 837 7002. These are single properties in blocks which already have communal cover.

  • 125           BIRCHWOOD MANSIONS            
  • 131         BIRCHWOOD MANSIONS            
  • 135         BIRCHWOOD MANSIONS            
  • 141         BIRCHWOOD MANSIONS            
  • 149         BIRCHWOOD MANSIONS            
  • 153         BIRCHWOOD MANSIONS             
  • 155         BIRCHWOOD MANSIONS            
  • 167         BIRCHWOOD MANSIONS           
  • 169         BIRCHWOOD MANSIONS            
  • 2              LONG RIDGES, N2 9HN 
  • 4              LONG RIDGES, N2 9HN 
  • 5              LONG RIDGES, N2 9HN 
  • 8              LONG RIDGES, N2 9HN 
  • 14           LONG RIDGES, N2 9HN 
  • 16           LONG RIDGES, N2 9HN 
  • 17           LONG RIDGES, N2 9HN 
  • 18           LONG RIDGES, N2 9HN 
  • 14           TWYFORD COURT           
  • 17           TWYFORD COURT           
  • 19           TWYFORD COURT           
  • 20           TWYFORD COURT           
  • 25           TWYFORD COURT           
  • 26           TWYFORD COURT           
  • 31           TWYFORD COURT           
  • 32           TWYFORD COURT           
  • 33           TWYFORD COURT           
  • 34           TWYFORD COURT           
  • 41           TWYFORD COURT           
  • 42           TWYFORD COURT           
  • 47           TWYFORD COURT           
  • 48           TWYFORD COURT           
  • 49           TWYFORD COURT           
  • 50           TWYFORD COURT           
  • 17           FORTIS COURT 
  • 19           FORTIS COURT 
  • Cottage                FORTIS COURT 
  • 5              WOODSIDE MANSIONS, N10 3NY            
  • 6              WOODSIDE MANSIONS, N10 3NY             
  • 7              WOODSIDE MANSIONS, N10 3NY            
  • 9              WOODSIDE MANSIONS, N10 3NY            
  • 11           WOODSIDE MANSIONS, N10 3NY            
  • 13           WOODSIDE MANSIONS, N10 3NY            
  • 17           WOODSIDE MANSIONS, N10 3NY            
  • 20           WOODSIDE MANSIONS, N10 3NY            
  • 23           WOODSIDE MANSIONS, N10 3NY            
  • 24           WOODSIDE MANSIONS, N10 3NY            
  • 26           WOODSIDE MANSIONS, N10 3NY      
  • The Coach House             WOODSIDE
  • The Cottage/Lodge         TWYFORD


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